Freedom Quest: Achievements of Independent India that Are Worth Celebrating

It has been 72 years since India achieved swatantrata from a long period of colonial rule. Has it been a journey worthwhile? Here is a list of India’s successes to help you decide.

1) Space Exploration

Indian space research has been making history with every milestone. India is one of only six countries (including USA, USSR, Japan, China, and the European Space Agency) to send a lunar probe. Its Chandrayaan mission was the first in the world to discover water on the Moon. It became one of only four countries to send a mission to orbit Mars with Mangalyaan, and the only country to achieve it in its very first attempt. The Indian Mars Orbiter Mission is also the least expensive Mars mission so far.

More recently on 22 July 2019, India launched Chandrayaan-2, which if successful, will make a soft landing on the south pole of the Moon where no other mission has gone before. It will also make India one of only four countries to have landed on the Moon.

2) Supercomputing

At a time when developed countries refused to transfer the knowledge needed to make supercomputers, which are powerful paralleling processing computing units used in developing satellites, nuclear weapons, weather forecasting and more, India decided to make its own supercomputer. Supercomputer PARAM 8000 was developed entirely indigenously by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), and showcased to the world in 1991. India now has 11 supercomputers and is globally ranked 17th for its application and development of supercomputers.

3) Pharmaceuticals

India is the third largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world. Our country has emerged as a leading supplier of cost-effective anti-malarial and antiretroviral (used to manage HIV) medicines in countries in Africa and across the world. Two-thirds of antiretroviral drugs supplied globally are from India. Not only are we champions of supplying cheaper, generic drugs in the market for costly treatments but we also have claim to patented medicine. For instance, Ahmedabad-based Lincoln Pharmaceuticals has the patent for producing the Arteether injection, an anti-malarial treatment that is painless and acts faster.

4) Film Industry

The second-oldest film industry in the world, India has been making films for 105 years and it is the largest producer of films in the world with more than a thousand films produced each year in 20 different languages.

5) Politics

India is the largest democracy in the world and one of the first countries in the modern world to have had an elected female head of government with Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister.

6) Infrastructure and Communications

India has the largest postal network in the world with a total of 1, 54, 866 post offices (as of 2011). We also have the third-largest railway network in the world (as of 2018) and the second-largest telecommunications network in the world (as of 2018).

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