Down-to-earth Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood celebrities obviously lead very different lives to us normal folk. They have all the money and privilege to live in luxury and move around in exclusive circles. Yet there are a few famous film personalities who feel like ‘one of us’ because of their down-to-earth ways.

1) Kangana Ranaut

Controversy queen Kangana stirred up a ruckus on the internet again, this time because she chose to wear a handloom saree that cost only ₹ 600. People on social media criticized her for claiming to go simple in her wardrobe choices citing her accompanying expensive handbag and jacket as a sign of hypocrisy. But we feel just because she already has branded accessories in her collection does not mean she cannot simultaneously promote Indian handloom. In fact, coupling a simple cotton saree with international brands is a message that says our humbly priced textiles are just as good. Give the lady a break!

2) Deepika Padukone

According to one studio executive, Deepika has been seen sharing her meals with crew members on outdoor shoots and once everyone is done Deepika is the one who will collect the dirty plates and cutlery and clean the mess after them.

3) Salman Khan

Salman Khan might be one of the most bankable film stars of India but he still does not mind eating a sasta tikao meal from local eateries when he is shooting in small towns. He is also known to ditch his car on heavy traffic days and hail down an auto rickshaw to get to Film City. On other days he chooses to cycle his way to work if he thinks it will save him time.

4) Farah Khan

Farah reportedly goes to the local fish market to do her fish shopping.

5) Shekhar Kapur

Film director, producer and actor Shekhar Kapur famously does not own a car and is quite OK taking auto rickshaws to commute. Humble and environment-friendly!

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